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High-power LED Downlight

Product Description:

1. Consists of 15pcs *1W High-power SSC P4 LED. 

2.  Shell is special aluminum of die-casting makes heat-dispersing good work. 

3.  Technique of low voltage and constant current driver assures LED not be hurt when current change resulting from outer voltage fluctuation, as well as safety in application. 

4.  Convex lens makes light beam up to 40, which helps light shine out more concentrated. 

5.   Nice appearance, good quality and stable performance. 

6.   It can be used in home, shopping mall, restaurant, bar and variety cabinets.

1. Adopt SSC LED (U2 Bin), high brightness, low power consumption, environmental protection.

2. Constant current design, lamp life of 30, 000 hours, It can maintain 90% beam of light when continuously lighting 1000 hours.

3. Environment temperature range: -20 _+45

4. Angle: 40

6. Shell: Adopt high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy shell and fan cooling method

7. Glass: Transparent plexiglass panel transmittance as high as 93%, frost plexiglass panel transmittance as high as 85%.

8. Purpose: Apply to the family, shopping centers, cabinets, restaurants, hotels and other local indoor lighting.



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