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Super Compact 3 Channel DMX512 Power LED Driver

Item #:   BL-LD350

Tipical Applications:

  1) RGB Color mixing;
  2) Architectural lighting;
  3) Signage;
  4) Cove lighting;
  5) Flood lighting;
  6) Landscape lighting.

Main features:

.            •     3 Output Channels
                 •     Constant current outputs
                 •     Power Supply voltage : 12V-60V DC
                 •     1LEDs Up to 12 LEDs power LEDs in series per channel
                 •     LED dimming through PWM
                 •     DMX512 compatible 
                 •     Auto running modes available through DIP switch
                 •     350mA per channel  +-5%.
                 •     Very compact design
                 •     High efficiency
•     PCB and Cased versions
                  •     Easy to install


Typical Applications:

.                RGB Colour mixing
                  •    Architectural lighting
                  •    Signage
                  •    Cove lighting
                  •    Flood Lighting
                  •    Landscape lighting




Input voltage range : 12 -60VDC
Input current : 2.5A maximum (depends on the model, the input voltage and load configuration)
Output channels : 3
Output Current : 350mA per channel
Control protocol : DMX512
Address range : 1-512 through DIP switch
DMX Terminator : Built-in, accessible through DIP switch position 10
Dimming method : PWM
PWM frequency : 400Hz
Operating ambient temperature : -10°C to +40°C
Storage ambient temperature : -20°C to +70°C
Dimensions : 50 x 70 x 16 mm (PCB model)

Product Numbering:

When ordering or referring to a specific product, please use the following product numbering:

BL-LD350-V2 :  350mA, PCB version

Driver Connections : 




Application figures:

Every output channel can drive a maximum load of 15W.

So one should take care when designing the load configuration.

The load per channel can easily be calculated by adding the power consumption of each led connected to the specific channel.

To calculate the power of each led, one should take the forward voltage drop of the LED used and multiply this by the current going through it.

The forward voltage drop (VF) can be found in the data sheet of the LED in question. Please note that VF is always mentioned for a specific current through the LED.

Example 1, picture to the right: every channel has a load of: ( 3,42V * 0,35A) * 8 = 9,58W

Example 2, picture in lower right corner: Ch1, red leds: (2,95V * 0,35A) * 12 = 12,39W Ch2, green leds: (3,42V * 0,35A) * 12 = 14,36W Ch3, blue leds: (3,42V * 0,35A) * 12 = 14,36W








350 driving 24 Luxeon I LEDs (White),
8 in series per channel, total power = 28,7W



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