Privacy Policy

Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited does not share your personal information with any third party under any condition. Exceptions include situations involving law enforcement agencies, or cases where the client has advised that specific information sharing is acceptable. Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited may retain your personal or company information including, but not limited to, billing information. Information retained is stored on an isolated computer in a secure location. Accessing archived information helps to streamline any future business transactions.

Information Sharing

In addition to your personal and company information, Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited does not share your specific product information or specific technical details related to any design or product, with third parties, with the expectation of qualified law enforcement agencies, or with prior written permission by the client. However, numerous products designed by Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited may incorporate identical or similar LED technologies, components, or circuitry. Such occurrences may result from common or redundant design practices and techniques. In many cases, products designed or manufactured by a fourth party may also contain very similar or identical LED technologies, components, or circuitry, due to employment of an industry standard design technique.

Use of Email Addresses

If you have provided an email address to Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited, we may retain this address on file. We may contact you using this email address regarding any related business transaction. Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited does not utilize stored email addresses to distribute "SPAM" Mail", nor do we distribute our stored email addresses to third parties. If you have submitted your email address to receive product or service updates, we may periodically send you emails regarding our products or services.

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