About US:

Established in 2004,  Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited started mainly with the production and the sales of single LED product components, and also was specialized in designing and producing electronics and LED products as well. 

Since 2005,
Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited focused on LED-lights and LED control systems that are mainly for architectural lighting, advertisements, therapy lighting, signage and decorative lighting for events like exhibitions, TV shows, feast,  also LED Aircraft Landing Light,  LED Automotive Light,  etc....       With the R&D team and support of experienced engineers in LED company is constantly asserting on all markets that are sensitive to innovations on LED-lighting business.

Based on the global network of partners and suppliers, Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited pulls together the competences for helping customers to find the optimal LED-solutions for their specific needs. Bright-Land Enterprises Inc.,Limited is experienced and reliable companies in the LED-business which are involved in the newest technologies world- wide.  We are providing our customers with LED controllers with various interfaces like DMX-512, wireless radio-control, Wireless charging system,  besides the standard LED lights like LED-bulbs, LED lighting products.

Before the development of the LED-product starts, we can provide our customers with light simulations on the prototype which are showing the final result and how the illuminated object will appear.

Our core values and aims are:
. to partner with our customers to develop open and long-term relationships
. to have an unpretentious, straightforward and honest approach to business
. the continued investment in research and development of innovative products
. to produce products which are in full compliance with standards to develop and to diffuse the culture of the light
. to operate in an environmentally friendly way;
. in the products we design and the systems we use to make them to believe that
Bright-Land people is the heart of the company and that all together we have the talent and the instruments to serve our Customers and Partners in the best way.



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