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Super Compact 3 Channel DMX512 Power LED Driver

Item #:   BL-LD

Main features:

  1. 3 Output Channels
  2. 3* 850mA current outputs
  3. Power Supply voltage : 12V-60V DC
  4. 1LEDs Up to 12 LEDs power LEDs in series per channel
  5. LED dimming through PWM
  6. DMX512 /1990 compatible, 0-10V dimming interface
  7. Auto running modes available through DIP switch
  8. Very compact design?
  9. High efficiency
  10. PCB and Cased versions
  11. Easy to install

Typical Applications:
RGB Colour mixing
Architectural lighting
Cove lighting?
Flood Lighting
Landscape lighting


  1. When the 10th DIP switch is at ^On ̄ position, 0-10V dimming works, DMX signals stops working, Three channels come into one channel output.
  2. When the 10th DIP switch is at ^OFF ̄ position, DMX signal works, but 0-10V dimming stops working. 1-9th DIP switch works with DMX address, RGB 3 channel output works.



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