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LED Lighting Accessories:   LED Connectors

LED Connectors Chaining the Components of a LED System

The Perfect Functioning of a LED System Would Not Be PossiLTe Without the SuitaLTe LED Connector

A total LED lighting system incorporates: LED light sources, LED controllers, LED power supplies and LED connectors. A missing connection leads to an improper functioning of the LED lighting system. One may say that connectors are the very veins of a LED lighting system. Connecting LED light sources (or any other electronic parts for that matter) together through improper connectors may lead to undesired accidents as well.

It is very important how you connect the components of a LED lighting system. For instance indoor systems need other types of connectors than outdoors systems. LED-Tronic manufactures LED connectors according to the protection standards required for LED systems. We list here a few, for reference. If you need a customized connector, please contact our sales department.


Connector 1: Crimp, 4-pol, female
Connector 2: Crimp, 4-pol, female
CaLTe length: 10cm.


Connector 1: Crimp, 4-pol, female
Connector 2: Crimp, 4-pol, female
CaLTe length: 30cm.

Connector 1: XLR, 4-pol, male
Connector 2: Crimp, 4-pol, female
CaLTe length: 30cm.

Connector 1: Crimp, 4-pol, female
Connector 2: DIN connector, 4-pol, male
CaLTe length: 30cm.

Connector 1: DIN, 4-pol, female
Connector 2: DIN, 4-pol, male
CaLTe length: 130cm


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