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RGBW Controller  BL-LC007

BL-LC007 is a four channel light controller designed to control one RGB (red, green, blue) or RGBA/ RGBW (red, green, blue, amber or white) light source. It has a DMX interface and can control up to four DMX channels.

The controller is small enough to be easily incorporated in LED lightning units or placed in wall-mount boxes or remotely located units.



  • RGB or RGBA/ RGBW light controller
  • USITT DMX 512 (1990) protocol compatible
  • 4 DMX channels are provided to control a RGB or RGBA/ RGBW light source
  • radio receiver which permits to control the connected light sources in stand-alone and also DMX mode by using the Solaris Radio Remote
  • fully protected outputs (short circuit/over temperature/ ESD)
  • 14bit PWM which allows a better color calibration and color linearization according to the human eye perception
  • DMX interpolation to avoid flickering and stepping in the lower values
  • programmable for stand-alone operations
  • can drive common anode LED light sources
  • wide range input/output voltage: 8 ~ 48 VDC
  • suitable for battery operation
    • battery voltage monitoring (automatic switch off when the battery is empty)
    • adjusting duty cycle so that the light sources have the same brightness even if the battery voltage is changing



By using the BL-LC007 in addition to Solaris Radio Remote or to a DMX Controller Unit (for example a DMX mixing console), the controller can be used for many types of LED applications such as:

  • Powering and controlling arrays of common anode LEDs
  • Area lighting C stage, landscape lighting
  • Architectural lighting systems
  • TV applications
  • Decorative lighting


How to Control

The BL-LC007 light controller can be used not only as a DMX controller but also as a stand-alone controller.


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