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RGB Controller with Remote-control

Item #:  BL-LC00

This is an universal RGB controller which can change the color in a whole mode.  It can work with RGB modules,  RGB Rigid LED Strip (LED Bar) or RGB Flexible Strip (LED Ribbon).  And the working voltage can be 24VDC or 12VDC. 



Product Speciality

°ŮUnder the control of wireless, the effective remote control distance is 50 meters.
°Ů3 channel RGB control£¨the max current of each channel up to 5A.
°ŮMulti-Mode to select.
°ŮStay at chosen color.
°Ů8 scale speed.


Application Sites

°ŮBuilding Decoration: Business spaces, airports, subway.
°ŮIndoor Decoration: Lighting and back lighting for hospital, hotel, marketplace, square, dining-room, pub and etc..
°ŮAD solid Word, sign and mark, signboard and billboard.
°ŮBe used as big area back lighting source.

Operation Instruction:

A Mode;   B Pause;    C Speed +;    D Speed -
Mode (A):   Press it to change the mode to the next one£Ľ
Pause(B):    Press it to make the LED stays at the present color,   press it again then the color change moves on;
SPEED+ (C):    Press it to make the change speed of the LED to a faster level£®Default is fastest level£©£Ľ
SPEED- (D ):    Press it to make the change speed of the LED to a slower level.

Optical and Electrical Characteristics

The optical and electrical characteristics is given in the following table:


Order Code

Working Voltage


Output Current

Waterproof Or Not

Power Consumption /  Piece


RGB controller


12V / 24V DC


5A (Max.) * 3


180W / 360W

211 * 40 * 30mm

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